E2 28 Day Challenge Day 24: No Joy in Soy.

Tofu was my gateway food into becoming a vegetarian. In my teens I’d tofu-loaded meals, not quite knowing how to transform the flavorless white slab into a show stopper. Perfecting my technique, in college I flew through almost a container of tofu a day, preferring it cubed and fried, simmered in soy and ginger sauces over rice.  Now, tofu is a cruel mistress, requiring a digestive aid to be consumed without issue. Why happened tofu? Where’d we go wrong?

Yesterday I managed to find tofu in just about every meal. A rarity these days, however, I have to say, my team members work some crazy, irresistible magic with tofu- the chicken fried tofu is simply too tasty to pass up a cube (or 5). The last day of a busy week, I certainly choose convenience- with a vegan filter, over sticking to the E2 guns. As 4-weeks of this diet winds down, I’m finding it easier and easier to sneak in bites of this and that, truth day comes Monday morning at 7:55AM!


Breakfast: Tofu and vegetable stir-fry- lots of purple cabbage, and a side of kale salad with garlic tahini dressing. A banana. Coffee
Snack: Coffee and raw peanut butter chia seed truffle.
Lunch: 2 small vegan spring rolls, brown rice, stir fried veggies and tofu.
Dinner: More tofu! Brown rice, broccoli. 1/2 a Sumo Orange.
Drinks THREE glasses white wine. Eek!
Snack: Several handfuls of stadium pop-corn.

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