Mustard Greens, a Cheap Thrill, Better Pickled

Fresh mustard greens have this wonderful burning sensation that creeps up upon you not unlike wasabi. First, you feel it first in the back of your mouth, then, without warning it rushes up into your sinuses causing you to scrunch up your noes and close your eyes tight as you wait for feeling to pass. […]

Kimchi Fried Rice

Hungry, she peered into the refrigerator. Debating making what would be her fourth kimchi vegan cheese quesadilla of the day, she finally noticed the tub of leftover rice sitting conveniently next to the kimchi. Just one cup of rice, but it would do. She had leftover grilled green onions from the last night’s dinner she could […]

That kind of Sunday

Hangover Cure: Breakfast Delivery Service

Their bellies had been rumbling angrily for a good hour before anyone could muster the energy to do anything about it. They lay lifelessly in bed. All of them, feeling particularly groggy after the previous night’s events. While they stared aimlessly at their devices, the baseball game droned on from the speaker high on the […]

Sardines. Hey.

The tins of smoked Portuguese sardines sat on the second shelf of her pantry for some time. It wasn’t that she didn’t like them, it was just, well, they were sardines. A very polarizing little fish. She liked them at the grocery store when the demo specialist would hand her a cracker smeared with avocado […]

Fennel, Tuna, Olives, Potatoes: Lunch on the Road

Tucked under a desk was the Bon Appetite branded thermal bag that somehow had worked its way into their collection. She couldn’t remember where it had come from, but there it was. She grabbed the zipper and opened the lunch bag, ravenous. She was grateful she had gone through trouble to pack something. Her salad, […]

Roasted Cabbage

Roasted Cabbage

Her chef’s knife split the week old green cabbage from the farmer’s market in two halves. She knew her family would not be excited to see that cabbage was for dinner. She didn’t care. She loved cabbage. She remembered sitting in her grandmother’s kitchen in a little town in north western South Carolina, close to the North […]

Saturday Morning Braised Greens

8:30 on a Saturday morning felt like an odd time to be cooking greens when she thought about it, but after a week away from the kitchen she just needed to cook. The heat from the gas stove was warm against her forearm as she dropped wet clumps of chard, kale and turnip greens into the 8-quart […]

No Cook Eats from PDX Bloggers

It is hot. And I’m not complaining. Seriously. I’m not. Would central air compel me to use the stove in my west facing kitchen? Yes. But I don’t have central air, and with the Weather Chanel App reporting day after day of 85 degree plus weather, I’m intent on fixing meals that require as little direct heat as […]


For the Love of Radishes

Stop by the Farmer’s Market this weekend and you’ll see bushels of red on every farm stand. A sight for sore winter eyes, the pop of color and shapes perks up any waterlogged Cascadia resident. Radishes are waiting to be discovered beyond translucent thin slices garnishing your salad. Props if you are already enjoying radishes sliced in […]

Hemp Seed Tabbouleh

I’m seeing green this April and itching to move away from the roasted root vegetables that got me through winter and on to greener and lighter side dishes, like this hemp seed tabbouleh. Inspired by a recipe from Rawvolution, and abiding by the E2 diet’s plant sourced fats rule, hemp seeds replace bulgur in my version of […]