No Cook Eats from PDX Bloggers

It is hot. And I’m not complaining. Seriously. I’m not. Would central air compel me to use the stove in my west facing kitchen? Yes. But I don’t have central air, and with the Weather Chanel App reporting day after day of 85 degree plus weather, I’m intent on fixing meals that require as little direct heat as possible.

No Cook Meals are less meals and more mezze in my house. I won’t pretend that what follows are complete 3 course dinners of no cook method. Instead these are simple, seasonal eats, for when the temperature is pushing the upper 80’s.

My contributors today are Lindsay of the seasonal blog Rosemarried, and Anna of Greek recipe blog Bananawonder. Both these ladies understand the art of cooking and eating in PDX, their blogs are great resources for recipes, food finds and Portland dining.

Make any of these dishes, eat with crusty bread, wash down with chilled wine, and enjoy this Pacific Northwest summer.

Garden Gazapahco (click for Lindsay’s recipe)

photo (1)



Arugula Lemon Hummus (click for Anna’s recipe)

photo (2)



Zucchini Crudo (This recipe is from me, Maryeats)



Zucchini has been abundant in our CSA from La Terra Vita, and after a fantastic zucchini risotto and a not so fantastic zucchini pasta dish, I took an Italian take on my summer squash. Simply slice your Zucchini fairly thin on a mandoline and layer on a platter in concentric circles. Drizzle the plate with some sherry vinegar or lemon juice, and sprinkle with salt before ganirshing with fresh basil, cheese, and pickled onions.

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