“You need to start blogging again,” she said to me.

“I just don’t feel like I have much to say right now.”

“Uh,” she hesitated for dramatic purposes. “We just went into a liquor store with your 5 week old to buy bourbon. I’d read about that.”

Years ago I lived abroad and every day was an adventure. Most of my English speaking colleagues couldn’t tell me anything about the food, where to buy western food or where to eat the best local cuisine. I took it upon myself to figure it all out and blogged about it. It was fun.

Back in the states I attended culinary school, worked on the line (FOR A SECOND!), worked for a cookbook author, then finally found my spot in the culinary industry. Blogging turned from fun to a chore. I stopped.

Now I live in a new town with a new baby and I’m starting to figure it out again.

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