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Saturday Morning Braised Greens

8:30 on a Saturday morning felt like an odd time to be cooking greens when she thought about it, but after a week away from the kitchen she just needed to cook. The heat from the gas stove was warm against her forearm as she dropped wet clumps of chard, kale and turnip greens into the 8-quart […]

No Cook Eats from PDX Bloggers

It is hot. And I’m not complaining. Seriously. I’m not. Would central air compel me to use the stove in my west facing kitchen? Yes. But I don’t have central air, and with the Weather Chanel App reporting day after day of 85 degree plus weather, I’m intent on fixing meals that require as little direct heat as […]

Hemp Seed Tabbouleh

I’m seeing green this April and itching to move away from the roasted root vegetables that got me through winter and on to greener and lighter side dishes, like this hemp seed tabbouleh. Inspired by a recipe from Rawvolution, and abiding by the E2 diet’s plant sourced fats rule, hemp seeds replace bulgur in my version of […]

4 Great Early Spring Soups

Cooking a couple of soups over the weekend is a small task that sets me up for success in the coming weeknights ahead. I’m able to get meals on the table quickly- just heat and add a side salad and bread, or pack lunches in the blink of an eye. Shoot, I’ve even had a […]

E2 28 Day Challenge Wrap Up: Wins and Losses

Well, here it is. The post I have been dragging my feet to write. The one where I have to admit to not achieving my goals, failing, in my opinion, a medial test, and owning that given my schedule and lifestyle I’m never going to be a plant strong princess. Major bummer. I’ve completed the […]

E2 28 Day Challenge Day 27/28. That’s all.

Done. Fin. Over. At last. 28 days of keeping eating dairy, meat, oil, and processed food free as the ultimate  diet goal are over. Today isn’t the day I’ll be wrapping up all my thoughts on my experience. I’m still processing it all. Having successfully finished this diet in the past, I’m not ending on […]

E2 28 Day Challenge Day 26

I wonder, if when running a marathon, something I’ve never done, what those last few miles are like. Do you sprint to the end and finish strong? Or, does your run slow to a crawl as you fantasize about crossing the finish line so you can collapse? I’m certainly feeling the latter right now. Blatantly […]

E2 28 Day Challenge Day 25: When is This Over Again?

You guys. I know I’m not failing at this, but it feels like I am a bit, in the way that if I can’t do this perfectly, then eff it. I’m throwing in the towel, indulging in my emotions and consuming copious food and drink that have been off limits for weeks now like no […]

E2 28 Day Challenge Day 24: No Joy in Soy.

Tofu was my gateway food into becoming a vegetarian. In my teens I’d tofu-loaded meals, not quite knowing how to transform the flavorless white slab into a show stopper. Perfecting my technique, in college I flew through almost a container of tofu a day, preferring it cubed and fried, simmered in soy and ginger sauces […]

E2 28 Day Challenge Day 23

Ok- so I didn’t make it up as early as I wanted to,7 instead of 5,  but I did get up early enough to pump out a first draft, writing, before everything I did yesterday escaped me and I only have my iPhone photos to remember. Tiny victory! When you eat primarily vegetables, you must […]