That kind of Sunday

Hangover Cure: Breakfast Delivery Service

That kind of Sunday
Their bellies had been rumbling angrily for a good hour before anyone could muster the energy to do anything about it. They lay lifelessly in bed. All of them, feeling particularly groggy after the previous night’s events.
While they stared aimlessly at their devices, the baseball game droned on from the speaker high on the armoire. Their team was not winning, and the disappointing progression of strike outs and ground outs to first only amplified the minutes ticking painfully by.  Getting up and making breakfast was far more that she could will herself to do at the moment. Sophia the First blared from the iPad inches from her daughters nose.
Sheepishly, she turned to him and wondered aloud, “I wish there was someone who could bring us breakfast,” ending her statement on a high, upturned, question like tone. A tap of the index finger and a slide of his thumb across his phone and a Reggie Deluxe and McIsley from Pine State Biscuits were on their way. She sunk back into her pillow, releasing a small sigh. The taste of victory, the taste of a fried chicken nestled in a cream-top buttermilk biscuit. He closed his eyes-willing his team to also make a strategic play.

Meal delivery service in Portland Oregon
(this post is in no associated with Postmates. We’re just fans)
Pine State Biscuits, just opened a new location in NE Portland on Schuyler St.

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