E2 28 Day Challenge Day 23

Ok- so I didn’t make it up as early as I wanted to,7 instead of 5,  but I did get up early enough to pump out a first draft, writing, before everything I did yesterday escaped me and I only have my iPhone photos to remember. Tiny victory!

When you eat primarily vegetables, you must eat a lot of them. I have not, a grave mistake I’ve been making as I leave the house with a small container of steamed kale and roasted veggies. While delicious and nutritious, they aren’t exactly calorie dense (unless we’re talking Avocados, which, technically, are a fruit), and your body burns through them quite quickly.

Caloric density was a new term to me a couple years ago, but it makes sense. Generally, we restrict ourselves to eating small quantities of foods that are high in calories, high in fat, as to not over eat, which sometimes leaves us hungry. Instead, it would be ideal to eat generous amounts of foods that are high in nutritional value, but low in calories. A mistake I’ve been making all 23 days of this challenge, small portions that give me a burst of energy and make me feel great, but have me starting just a few minutes later. Note to self, more food, more often.

Breakfast: Can you guess? Steamed kale with roasted vegetables! You’re right!! Also a few mushrooms simmered in teriyaki sauce. 2 cups of coffee.
Snack: Banana with a package of Justin’s Honey Almond Butter, which, to my dismay contains added palm oil.
Lunch: Vegetarian buffet from Portland’s best Indian restaurant, Channa Masala, in Hillsboro. Indian food isn’t vegan by any stretch of the imagination, ghee and cream play a huge role in these delectable dishes. I choose wisely, and throughly enjoyed my lunch. Regrets and guilt be gone.
Snack: Mary’s Gone Crackers onion flavored crackers, too many, as I got a stomachache
Dinner: One slice of toast with peanut butter.

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