E2 28 Day Challenge Day 14: Same Old Tricks

Woah. Two weeks in.

And I’m still battling the same urges, cravings, falling into the same pitfalls when it comes to prepping food ahead or eating well on the run. Well, they say it takes 28 days to form a habit. So, 14 more days.

Some observations: I’m pretty cranky! Is it the excess gas from so many beans, brussles and broccoli? Or the constant depriving myself of things I want (sweets and simple carbs). Come summer it is fairly easy to look at a strawberry with the same admiration and desire as, say, a strawberry macaron. But now, in the drudges of winter, fruit isn’t doing me any favors when it comes to subbing in off the bench for a cookie or piece of chocolate.

Back to a keen observation I made last week, on how forgiving I am, well, I’m still pretty forgiving. And when It boils down to it, I’ve convinced myself that one tablespoon of oil, one piece of bread, one cookie, ok, 4 cookies, isn’t going to kill me because I’m eating sooooooo well the rest of the time. Yet, when I look back at my food diary entries, I not eating all that much- hence the carb cravings. Moderation in moderation, right? It is funny how just after two meals of eating well I’ve convinced myself how much I deserve to indulge a little. And I do it almost every day. This is the pattern people, and it isn’t pretty.

FOOD DIARY DAY 14: No photos today friends, I’m sorry!!

Breakfast: Coffee x2. Hemp milk vanilla latte. I’ve noticed I’m drinking WAY more lattes than usual and I think I’m using it a bridge from vegan donuts and other backed goods. Not exactly a healthier sub, as alternative mills have a lot of calories.

Lunch: Met an old high school friend for lunch- vegetarian coconut milk curry ramen and onomakiyaki tots (not E2) from Boxer Ramen.

Snack: Handful of Mary’s Gone Crackers onion flavored crackers with hummus. Package of sesame flavored toasted nori (contains oil).

Dinner: Steamed kale and 1/2 of Ella’s Vegan Mac and Cheese (also not E2, vegan, but processed and oil)

Drinking: None! It is nice that feeling like you have the flu does NOTHING for your alcohol appetite.

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