E2 28 Day Challenge Days 12 & 13: When Two Days Become One

So, I missed a day. You might have not noticed, but I did. Whatever tail end of this flu business floating around Portland caught up with me yesterday and knocked me out. I had this moment, sitting over a bowl of soup, feeling as though I might pass out, the world coming in and out of focus. And once home, I pretty much did. It this the oil free, dairy free, meat free odd punishing me for my pervious night of culinary indulgence?

Back when  I started my 28 day challenge, I mentioned I had a super fantastic dinner that I was still planning on attending, though in no way, shape or form, meeting the guidelines of the E2 28 day challenge. That was Sunday night. And that dinner, so rich and over the top, (20 courses) kept me from putting nary a morsel in my maw until Monday dinner- not by choice I might add. The way I look at it, I had two great E2 meals pre Chef’s Week PDX decadence, and one E2 meal post, so, somehow that fashions itself into one day.

With the snow storm, we haven’t been to the store to restock, and I’m afraid instead of creating magical meals the whole family loved from nothing but an onion and a long forgotten bag of millet, I’ve ben eating a lot of microwave (no oil no salt) pop corn and the remaining gluten free peanut butter cookies (4 per day MAX). Sometime I get really hard on myself for not pulling it together and cooking everything from scratch nightly the way I did in my 20’s. And sometimes, like tonight, I mix a bunch of steamed kale into Ella’s Candle Light Cafe’s Frozen Vegan Mac and Cheese, and feel good for getting something on the table at all.


Breakfast: steamed kale, rice and lentils. A good start. Coffee.

Kale, Lentils and Rice

Lunch: The last of the lemony red lentil soup.

Snack: Soy vanilla latte and dried fruit and nuts from Starbucks


Dinner: 20 courses, all containing animal protein and oil. Quite possible the longest (4 hours) most delicious and painful (post) meal I’ve had. Ever. I promise to write about tis post 28 day challenge.

Breakfast: water, coffee, water

Lunch: water, coffee, water, ginger tea, and two gluten free peanut butter cookies.

Tom Yum

Dinner: Thai restaurant near our house, a real challenge not to indulge in panang curry or pad see ew, opting instead for Tom Yum (no coconut milk) chock full of tofu, broccoli, tomato and mushrooms. A confident cold kicker and as far as I could detect E2 approved.

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