It isn’t summer until you’ve had…

In this Issue of Bon Appetite, Food Editor Andrew Knowlton runs down his top 4 summer foods under the theme of, “if isn’t summer until I’ve had…” This got me to thinking. We are already well underway into summer here, but unless I can check each one of these off my list, it never really feels like summer.


1. Stumptown Cold Brew– maybe it is the stubby bottle or the the black liquid that tastes of chocolate and berries, but cold brew sings summer to me in PDX.

2. Rainer Cherries– growing up in Cascadia I knew it was summer when bowls of Rainer Cherries began showing up on the kitchen table. No need to add them to salads or desserts, these vanilla scented beauties need only go straight into your mouth.

IMG_48613. Grilled Corn on the Cob– I think we can all agree on that one.

4. Late Night Food Carts on Hawthorne– when thermostat reads 81 degrees in your house, you’re a fool to sit in it an suffer. A pizza from Pyro Pizza at 11PM cures what allies you.

5. Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes– they eat like the sweetest candy nature can offer.


6. Back-Yard-Sangria– the one your friend makes that is a little too fruity and a little too sweet but you still drink too much of anyway.

7. Mool Neang Mung– cold noodle soup is a new summer tradition for me, having started when I lived in Korea. Most of us don’t have AC in the PNW, and man, on the third night your house is still 80 degrees at 10PM, cold noodles from the Korean restaurant down the street really seem to hit the spot.


8. A Hot Dog- a real juicy one with all the right condiments and a a really good bun.

9. PBR, OLY, MHL- any beer that only comes in a 12 pack and is to be consumed like water, in the back yard, on those hottest of hot days.

Cheers to summer!

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