Ice Cold Peaches:Next Best Thing to Air Conditioning


Portland is expected to see  7 straight days of 80 degree heat and above, and guess what, most of us in the Rose City don’t have air conditioning. It can be pretty miserable, especially when your kitchen windows face west. There is one summer treat that is almost 2nd best to cool nights of central air. If nature had an Ice Train, a la Coors Beer, surely a refrigerated peach would be it. Just imaging, your kitchen, the one that faces west, is sweltering from baking in the sun, you crack open the fridge to grab a ripe peach. As your teeth sink into the fruit’s flesh, cold peach juices flow over your tongue, a light snow falls around you, “People of the world, join hands…” begins to play, it isn’t an ice cold beer tapped from the rockies, no, but the chill of that peach can make a summer night with out central air just a little more tolerable.

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