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1. Balsamic Reduction. Sometimes I buy it, some times I reduce a bottle on balsamic vinegar on the stove, either way a little spoonful of this will transform anything, ANYTHING you put it on- fruit, ice cream, cheeses, meats, roasted veggies, baked goods and my personal favorite, steamed kale. Seriously. Try it. both the balsamic and it on steamed kale.

2. Pixie Retreat L’il Pudding Vanilla Kreem with Salted Karamel. Knowing this raw, vegan, gluten free pudding is made from cashews and coconut, I’m choosing to ignore calorie counts, but hot dang is it nice to have a decadent vegan dessert that hits the sweet spot.

3. Lillet Blanc. Now that warmer weather is here, my beloved small batch whiskeys finds a dark corner of the alcohol cabinet and hibernate for the summer while Lillet gets a moment in the sun. I pour 4 oz over ice in a mason jar, top with soda water, a splash of St. Germaine and a shake of Fee Bother’s bitters at any point after 10AM. Welcome to your summer sipper.

4. Soup. This is vague, I know, but I’ve really been enjoying soup for lunch, with a salad and other things, or for a snack over the last few months. it is an easy trick to sneak more veggies into your day, and to fill up on high nutrient value and low caloric foods instead of a slice of pizza or chocolate croissant. I will add that this is not soup from a can, but either homemade or purchased from work. I like to cook up two soups on Sunday night to eat through the week.

5. Black + Blum Stacking Bento. I’m a big fan of taking my lunch to work and this is my FAVORITE piece. While still a big fan of bento boxes (now used to hold my workday snacks), this two piece lunch kit holds just enough soup and a medium salad or leftovers from last night. Everything fits together just so and looks so much better than my pasta-sauced-stained rubbermaid containers.

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