How To Stink up an Airplane

Sorry for the radio silence! I took a little vacation to NYC to visit my dearest friend E! It is my second time out to NYC this year, sounds flashy, I know, but before my last trip, I hadn’t set foot in the big apple in, two-three? years? Too long.

Packing a lunch for the flight out I really wanted some protein. “You aren’t putting that in your lunch, are you?” Matthew asked me as I skilfully arranged a gorgeous citrus glazed piece of salmon into my bento. “You are going to stink up the whole plane!”

And stink it up I did.

When packing lunch for the plane make judicious use of your grocer’s deli case. A little variety in a 6″x6″ square box speeds up a long flight, and I promise it will cost less, and be more gentle on your body than anything you’ll find in terminal A, B, C or D.


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