Bean Bim Bap Bento


No, that isn’t a typo. I didn’t mean to spell Bi Bim Bap, the popular and colorful veggie and rice bowl iconic to South Korea. But don’t feel bad for thinking so. This blog is full of style spelling and typo mistakes. I like to think if my writing isn’t amusing to you, at least you’ll get a good chuckle from my ipad’s autocorrect.

Ah, I digress. Bi Bim Bap was my foray into Korean food. A vegetarian living in Seoul, cooked vegetables over rice became a fast friend those first couple years.


Today’s bento is a play on Bi Bim Bap, featuring a finely chopped kale with lemon tahini dressing (from Whole Foods Market), pinto beans cooked with miso and fish sauce, and creamy avocado. Oh, and a wee bit of salsa. Let me say this about finely chopping the kale, this makes it much, much easier to mix up with the rice and beans. Give it a try.

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