Your Favorite Bean Recipe?

Well, I went and did this

Clockwise from the top left: Tongues of Fire, Lupini, Appaloosa, and Scarlet Runner Beans.


These heirloom beans are new to our bulk section at work, and before I could think better of my already full pantry, I my silver metal scoop was deep into the bin of beans. Committed.

I’ll be pouring over my cookbooks looking for bean recipes, but please, let me know your favorites.

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2 thoughts on “Your Favorite Bean Recipe?

  1. The beans you have are too colorful to hidden in my favorite: a three bean chili and a three bean bake.
    How about a bean salad?

  2. Mmm…beans are indeed my favorite food. Mark Bittman’s bean and grain salads perhaps? This week I’ve been scarfing black eyed peas cooked with a touch of ham and left brothy, then mixed with brown rice and frozen spinach for a one bowl lunch. Maybe a big batch of ribollita? We liked Appaloosas in Heuvos Rancheros. But I’ve never tried Lupini. Do they cook up like dried limas?