My New Chip Crush

Usually, I’m not a big chip eater. I like salty, crisp discs much as the next gal, but generally I’m more interested in them as vehicles for a delicious dip. I’m not particularly loyal to any brand, until now.

What I do love, people, is popcorn, and Popcorn Indiana has found a way to press popcorn into chips. I give you Chip’ins.

Divine intervention? Perhaps.

What I also love about these chips is the sodium count isn’t terribly high, a calorie ratio of 1 part calories to two parts sodium- incase you are wondering why I care, most nutritionists recommend a 1 to 1 ratio calories to sodium. Have a look next time you are in the supermarket and let me know how many products you find with that ratio (it isn’t a lot, let me break it to you).

I can only recommend the Sea Salt flavor as I haven’t tried the others. Go forth and munch, people. Go forth and munch.

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