Mile High Bento: What to Pack for a Flight


I don’t fly too often these days. Thank god. Is the any other place where bad behavior is acceptable; shoving in line, smashing people’s personal belongings with a way-too-big-for-overhead-bag? Do we really think since we’ve shelled out a few hundred clams we’re entitled to the royal treatment and act like a royal pain if we don’t get our way?

Maybe we can blame bad behavior on what is shoveled down passenger’s throats; fast food, caffeine, alcohol and a serious amount of sodium. I get cranky after a junk food binge, maybe we’d have less grown ups freaking out on babies and moms if everyone was handed a green smoothie upon boarding the plane. Ok, I’m no idiot. Realistically, people would REVOLT if you try and replace their coke with liquid spinach.

When it comes to travel space is always a premium- even with lunch. In my single layer bento I’ve packed store purchased Kim Bap, smoked salmon, roasted sweet potato, pickled cucumbers, and a fresh cucumber salad. A nice little tidy package of protein, carbs, and fat to keep that blood sugar stabilized, attitude in check, and my fellow passengers mad jealous.


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