Sweet Potato Bento Tip

Today’s I’m sharing my favorite favorite lunch packing tip

Today’s bento- sautéed spinach with tahini dressing, roasted sweet potato, soy braised mushrooms, left over chicken from the Doug Fir Lounge, and a few cherry tomatoes.

Roasted sweet potatoes. Made a head of time. Ready to go at a moment’s notice.

At the beginning of the week, I like to pick up 6-8 small to medium tubers, a mixture of sweet potatoes, jewel yams, garnet yams, and if I’m lucky the elusive Japanese yam.

I’ll roast the whole lot, poked a few times with a fork, directly on the rack (place a sheet pan lined with parchment on the rack underneath to catch drips) at 400 degrees for an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. Once tender I let them cool and wrap them in cellophane wrap before putting them in the fridge.

The supply generally lasts just a few days. Ella will have one for dinner, I’ll pack one for my lunch and one for hers, we’ll slice them and mash to serve as a side dish- you get the idea. I like to do this for beets as well. Try it. You’ll appreciate how quickly lunch, dinner, or even breakfast comes together.

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