A Soup Your Pantry Can Make: Voluptuous Vegan

I took a break from soups for a while. I’m not entirely sure why. I think it is because I stopped eating bread, and, well, why else do you craft up a big pot of warming soup if not to dunk a crusty chunk of artisan bread?

Guess what? I’m over that. Soup has found a home on our weekly menu plan. Having moved into a house with a chest freezer I’ve discovered the joy of freezing a half batch of soup and hello, having dinner set aside for a future date.

The Voluptuous Vegan has followed me house to house, state to state since college and I’ve never cooked out of it, not once. The recipes are organized by menu, which I find frustrating, and the goal of the book, highlighting the sophistication of vegan cuisine, allows for a collection of time-consuming multi-step recipes. Just not my thing right now.

Lucky me to find this gem in the first chapter. Chickpeas, water, onion, parsley, garlic and lemon. Author Myra Kornfeld suggests making a spiced oil to drizzle over the top, which I tried, and liked but far easier and just as tasty to dollop a spoonful of the hot pepper paste harissa and stir into my soup.

You can start soaking the beans when you leave for work, and pot to table, be eating dinner in an hour an a half-just enough time to trim some cauliflower, toss it with olive oil, salt, pepper, and more-than-you-think-you-should-use tablespoon of cumin. Spread it on an oiled baking sheet and roast at 400 for 20-30 minutes. Add in some chopped kalamata or oil cured olives, and a handful of chopped parsley.  Don’t forget the bread, because, c’mon. Why else make soup?

And here we are, 2 down 98 to go.

  1.  Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
  2. The Essential Cuisines of Mexico
  3. Aquavit
  4. Korean Kimchi and Le Cordon Bleu
  5. The American Family Test Kitchen Family Baking Book
  6. The Lee Brothers Cookbook
  7. CIA Garde Manger
  8. At Home with Japanese Cooking
  9. The French Laundry Cookbook
  10. World Vegetarian
  11. Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen
  12. Eat for Health
  13. The Voluptuous Vegan
  14. China Moon
  15. The Art and Soul of Baking
  16. 660 Curries
  17. The Northwest Essentials Cookbook
  18. Tapas: a Taste of Spain in America
  19. Little Foods of the Mediterranean
  20. Vegan Cupcakes Takeover the World
  21. 3 Bowls
  22. Charcuterie
  23. Martha Stewart Hors d’Oeuvres
  24. Rawvolution
  25. The Baby Cuisine Cookbook
  26. Mastering the Art of French Cooking
  27. 1080 Recipes
  28. I Know How to Cook
  29. Japanese Vegetarian Cooking
  30. A Cooks Tour
  31. Invitation to Korean Cuisine
  32. The Vegan Gourmet
  33. Korean Cookery
  34. Korean Cooking Made Easy
  35. Vij’s
  36. Supernatural Everyday
  37. Supernatural Cooking
  38. The Kripalu Cookbook
  39. Making Artisan Chocolates
  40. The Engine 2 Diet
  41. Cafe Flora Cookbook
  42. Chefs on the Farm
  43. Vegetarian Turkish Cooking
  44. Cocktails 2006
  45. Pacific Northwest Wining and Dining
  46. Sips and Apps
  47. Entertaining for a Veggie Planet
  48. Homemade Cheese Making
  49. Joy of Pickling
  50. Vegetarian Planet
  51. The Splendid Grain
  52. Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking
  53. Chez Panisse Cafe Cookbook
  54. Quick and Easy Korean Cooking
  55. The Improvisational Cook
  56. The Northwest Kitchen
  57. River Road Recipes
  58. Rebar Modern Food Cookbook
  59. The New American Chef
  60. Harumi’s Japanese Cooking
  61. Mario Batali’s Simple Italian Food
  62. Ratio
  63. The Just Bento Cookbook
  64. Washoku
  65. The Japanese Kitchen
  66. The Zuni Cafe Cookbook
  67. Laurel’s Kitchen
  68. Les Halles Cookbook
  69. The Garden of Vegan
  70. Singapore Heritage Food
  71. Eat Cook Hong Kong
  72. The Balthazar Cookbook
  73. The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook
  74. The Art of Simple Food
  75. Eating Korean
  76. The Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook
  77. Chang Mai Thai Cookbook
  78. Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving
  79. Ad Hoc at Home
  80. Around my French Table
  81. Raw Food Real World
  82. My Sweet Vegan
  83. The Raw Gourmet
  84. The Whole Foods Recipes- Vitamix
  85. Fish Without a Doubt
  86. The Splendid Table
  87. The Joy of Jams, Jellies, and Other Sweet Preserves
  88. The Moosewood Cookbook
  89. Simple to Spectacular
  90. The Herb Farm Cookbook
  91. Putting Food By
  92. Cooking the Middle Eastern Way
  93. Bruce Aidells’s Compete Book of Pork
  94. Crust and Crumb
  95. Cocktails 2009
  96. Peas and Thank You
  97. The 30 Day Vegan Challenge
  98. Webber’s Big Book of Grilling

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