Just Eat This: Seely Family Farms Peppermint Patty

When is the last time you had a peppermint patty? I’m talking a soft cool minty center coated in dark chocolate. Have you ever been so lucky to sink your teeth into a homemade one?

When I was a kid I loved sneaking pieces of homemade candy my family received at the holidays. My teeth ache a little thinking of all that corn syrup and confectioners sugar goodness nestled in paper towel lined holiday tins, but man, I couldn’t get enough.

Now, I’m savoring over these gems from Seely Family Farms made with mint the family has been farming for three generations in Clatskanie, Oregon. No artificial colors or flavors, just pure holiday candy magic.

– here is where I mention that I bought this from my work, Whole Foods Market, and that the views expressed here are mine and mine alone, (but I think all my coworkers agree).

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