Crappy Chili, Plant Protein, video editing

Tonight I made a chili that was truly horrible. I’m not fishing for compliments here. Butternut squash is on mega sale, and I have black beans in the pantry so I thought: black bean and butternut squash chili. Easy. The recipe I followed advised me to purée a whole can of chipotle chiles and add to two cans of black beans and some sautéed aromatics. No dice Food and Wine magazine. Not only did it taste as though I had literally rolled a bunch of beans around in the ash of a cigarette and doused the hot mess in hot sauce, but I should know better. Really, a whole can of chiles.

Today at work I gave a lecture on plant proteins. Some things that surprised me were that a. A cup of dried parsley had 56g of protein. Amazing and b. the group I was lecturing to had never heard of essential and non essential amino acids. The lecture was composed by my former lovely and terrifyingly academic Healthy Eating Specialist who is off in Ethiopia. Reading her words and familiarizing myself with her sentence structure was odd. It made me miss her dearly.

iMovie is driving me crazy. I hope to have final cut express in my hot little hands before Christmas. I’m pulling together all my shots together from Peru into a little inspirational video. I filled up two memory cards and still don’t have the right shots.

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