1st Birthday Party Firsts

Ella celebrated her first birthday party a couple weeks ago and she (we) were so lucky to have our very talented photographer friends Erin and Mat in town from NYC to capture it all. Erin and Mat run a very successful photography business out of their home in Brooklyn, everything from weddings to fashion week to large events. They have a way of making everything and everyone look good. Not that Ella is a tough subject.

Ella celebrated 365 days of eating, sleeping, and pooping with a little fiesta in our back yard. All her besties were there, Miles, Blake, Gunner, Olivia, Amelia, Lucas, Blake and Andrea, not to mention her BF BG and Adam, and her hommie Anna. Grandma Pam, Papa and Mema, Auntie Jamie.

Adluts and individuals conditioned to handle the sugar content of frosting enjoyed a lovely carrot cake from Whole Foods Market, while Ella had this delicious low sugar, whole wheat apple and sweet potato cake, frosted with a sweet potato cashew cream. She loved it.

¬†Also a large thank you to Lagunitas, sponsor of Ella’s first birthday, for donating three cases of beer.

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