Indian Bento

Since going back to work as a new mom, I’ve had to compromise some of my food values- mostly, I’ve had to embrace processed food. Ella loves frozen waffles and frozen spinach and dinner is so much easier with a rotisserie chicken.

This bento is ripe with all that is canned, boxed, frozen and take out, but when garnished with fresh vegetables and fruits looks oh so homemade

Left box, Whole Foods Market 365 Frozen Jasmine Rice (just heat in the microwave!! I love it), Butter Curry sauce, heated with Whole Foods Market Frozen Collard Greens, Onions, and Diced Rotisserie Chicken. Can I just tell you this meal took less than 10 minutes to assemble?!? For realsy. The box on the right contains red grapes, red bell pepper (more vitamin c than an orange !!!) and sliced purple carrots, that aren’t totally purple- clearly.

And yes, this is my new bento box! Thanks for asking. I’m flattered that you noticed.

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