My Favorite Fashion Bloggers part 1 of 2

When I was on maternity leave, a year ago, I stumbled upon the world of fashion blogging. Man, if you thought food bloggers were big, fashion bloggers are HUGE. There are so many!

Struggling to dress in a way that allowed me to feed Ella and still maintain some level of style, I googled, tops for breastfeeding, and first came across a fashion blogger in the SW, Freckles in April. I was instantly drawn in by her simple but classic conservative style. From there I clicked through a dozen links, feverishly plowing through fashion blogs like an issue of US Weekly. These girls run the gamut in their styles, but what I love about them is their honesty (clothes are expensive!!), their humor, and their thrifty tips.

Here are a few of my favorites- heads up the title link will take you to their site, while the photo link will go to past post I’ve bookmarked as a favorite for some reason or another.

The Re-Stylist

My friend Bryn relaunched her career as a re-stylist, a fashion consultant for women over 40, but Bryn’s advice is applicable to all of us ladies in the professional world. She has an eye for the classics, and knows how to punch them up with seasonal accessories, and trendy pieces. She once told me one of her style icons is Dorothy (Bea Auther) from the Golden Girls, which makes me love her even more.

Karla’s Closet

Short jet black hair, statement jewelry, sky high platform heels, editorial pieces: I love this girl. For all those time’s you’ve ever thought, I can never pull this look off, Karla shows you how. It is all about polish, people.

Kendi Everyday

The blogger next door, is there a girl on the planet who doesn’t want Kendi to be their best friend? I love how she combines chain store and thrifted pieces to create ┬átres casual-elegant looks. Kendi’s 30 for 30 remix inspired me to really make the most of my closet. Give it a try.

B.Jones Style

While most of the fashion bloggers I follow have a signature look, B.Jones changes it up every day. Like Karla, she rocks pieces you only dream of slipping into, but she doesn’t stop at one. Homegirl rocks three at once. I find her site absolutely inspiring.

My Edit

Who ever said canadian chicks don’t have any style is just plain wrong. No fanny packs on this site, Jentina brings together an eclectic mix of chain stores and thrift finds and pulls them off in a very Indi-pict starlet kind of way, with out the tinsel town cocaine habit.

Next week I’ll post part 2, my other favs. Till then, show your closet a little love.

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