A powerhouse of veggie protien today! Top box, black bean, corn and swiss chard saute (recipe here) blackberries and cherry tomatoes

bottom box: delicious spicy dill pickle chips, quinoa cooked with veggie broth.

I know y’all are tired of seeing the same old bento. Trust me, Im sick of it too. Serious. Keep your fingers crossed, but my new bento box should be arriving from Amazon today! Yay! We’re going double decker and, wait for it, square!!! Also, least you thought those svelte rectangles of aesthetically pleasing foods were the only thing I ate all day, that would be incorrect. Today I picked up a practical salad bento, with a tray for salad garnishes, silverware, and a little container for my dressing. The mister got one too, not that he asked for one. I picked up this one on sale at Storables for just $5.95.

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