Nom Nom: Korean Tacos

Korean Tacos are the trending topic when it comes to street food. Rightfully so. They combine the absolute best of two street vending cultures: portability, crunch, and heat, specifically sour heat. My current filling station is the Korean Twist food truck on SW 10th and SW Alder. For two bones this double corn tortilla insulated, tofu filled, shredded lettuce stuffed, cilantro and matchstick seaweed garnished beauty can be yours. What sets Korean Twist apart from the rest of Portland’s Korean Taco proprietors, are the sauces. One is cool and creamy, the other, Korea’s mother sauce gochujang, brings the heat and a sucker punch of sour. The duo balance each other out so no one taste is fighting for your attention, instead stealthily seduce you into food cart loyalty. Go. Eat.
Korean Twist (Food Cart) on Urbanspoon

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