Sunday Evening Post(s)

It is very likely that my Sunday is your Monday, unless you work Tuesday to Saturday like me. I like having Mondays off for the most part, it’s like playing hooky from the rest of the business world. The down side is that Monday is the day when most restaurants along with museums, galleries and public gardens, also like to take the day off. Left with not much to do but watch the Nate Berkus show and catch up with my mom’s group, Mondays are the day I like to plow through my google reader, starring dozens of updates from the hundreds collected. Below are my top reads/finds for the week and a little sneak peak at a recipe I’m working on for y’all, that I hope to finish testing this week.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

I can’t decide if I want to make, eat, or give this valentine.

My crazy diet isn’t leaving me with the most satisfying meals, yet my energy levels are through the roof. Looking forward to checking out this plant strong diet next.

Recently added to my list of duties at work is to decorate our store front windows, and since we’re located a mere block from Anthropologie, the expectation is to wow. I’ll be making these faux logs next year to gussie things up.

Glad my prenatal aversion to pickles (I know- totally backwards) is gone so I can enjoy these!

In an effort to be less of a fair weather blogger, I’ll be following these tips for cranking out the good stuff!

Sweet Paul is one of my favorite online magazines, enchanting design, recipes, and photography. Scroll down a bit to find a photo of my DREAM pantry.

Here’s a photo of a Wheat Free Tabouli made with Hemp Seeds I’m working on for this week. Still tweaking the dressing for the perfect lemon garlic balance.

And to cap it off with something sweet, my favorite Ella photo of the week. Going for coffee already! They grow up so fast.

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