MouCo ColoRouge

is not a MAC shade of lipstick or the stage name for  burlesque dancer. Not yet anyway. I only know it as a natural rind so spreadable cows milk cheese out of Ft. Collins Colorado.  Nutty with an addictive salty finish, a wee wheel comes neatly packed at $8.99 for 5.3oz, and eats like cured ham and domestic brie made love one night only to get out of bed two weeks later. The orange tint is an intentional effect of smearing, where the cheese is rubbed by hand over the brief aging process to develop color in the rind and the flavor of the cheese. Festive for an autumnal cheese plate, but, who really needs an excuse to buy cheese? Go on, do it, just resist the urge to add “avec moi, ce sori.” when asking for it by name at the cheese counter.

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