Capricho de Cabra

Goat Cheese

Snow white and as soft as butter, Capricho de Cabra is a creamy and mellow young Spanish goat cheese. Produced from Murciana goats, the high fat content of the milk coupled with high traces of protein make for one versatile cheese, sans the graininess or grassiness associated with most young goat curds. Spread on morning toast then slather with jam, crumble atop a beet and arugula salad, cut into rounds, coat with bread crumbs and bake, or slather on your arm and lick off. It’s up to you.

Available at Whole Foods $11.99 a pound, around 3-4 bucks a container.

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3 thoughts on “Capricho de Cabra

  1. Hey, you run a great site here. Found it via your Seoul Street Food video.

    Keep the great work coming, especially on Korean and Korean pickles. I make soon dubu and kimchi jjigae and those things, but I never bought the specialized bowls for it!

    Top notch blog, this.