Mr. Pizza, Strong Enough for a Man, but Made for a Woman.

Mr. Pizza is a popular pizza delivery/eat-in chain in Korea. Their pies aren’t anything special, but aren’t bad. What does draw me to them over the others, is, however, their slogan “Made for Women.”


“Made for Women.” What does that mean, exactly? Their ads don’t give much away. Just a picture of the mega popular Korean actress Moon Geun-yeong showing off her mega dimples.


At least Secret Antiperspirant told you that it why with their 1980’s commercial slogan “was strong enough for a man, but pH balanced for a woman.” But Mr. Pizza leaves us hanging. Why is it made for women? Does it contain a high number of vitamins and minerals essential for women’s well being? Or maybe extra calcium to prevent osteoporosis? Or better yet, a natural birth control?

No. Thanks to an English menu we got the skinny.mrpizza2

Oh, Mr. Pizza is made for women because it’s 100% fresh, and 100% Chewy, and 100% Wholesome. Ah, and after reading the poll, we discovered the fact that Mr. Pizza “was voted as favorite pizza by college girls.” So do men not want A wholesome, fresh, and chewy pizza too?

Too bad. I was hoping there was more to this whole “Made for Women” thing. Like seeing Kevin develop a pair of breasts after downing a slice.

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12 thoughts on “Mr. Pizza, Strong Enough for a Man, but Made for a Woman.

  1. ha ha — i was always curious about that, thanks for clearing it up! i noticed that in pasta and pizza joints, you usually see groups of women only, or a man that’s been dragged in by his girlfriend, but rarely a group of guys.

  2. So what’s the verdict, who makes the best delivery pizza in Korea. I gotta go with Mr. Pizza, maybe Popa John’s in a close second, or the Dominoes near COEX.

    Congrats on cracking the South American market!!!!

  3. Heh. Perfect timing. I ate at Mr. Pizza for lunch today and someone from the U.S. made the same comment : “Made for women”.

    Then, I noticed all the cheese, the flowers, the bright colors, the bright lighting, and yes, an entire table full of college girls setting next to us.

    Mr. Pizza’s recipe seems to be working.

  4. Hmm seems a bunch of desperate Foreigners looking for good old’ American Pizza in Korea. Let me tell you something…. You won’t find it. No not even Domino’s, Pizza Hut or Papa John’s are good. They are NOT American Ingredients. Yes everything your eating in Korea is FAKE cheese, some only 40% Mozzarella. Fake Korean imitation Pepperoni. Why you think Koreans mostly order Combinations while the rest of the world, Pepperoni and Sausage are ranked Number #1. It’s because in Korea you need all those REAL ingredients to cover the fake disgusting Cheese and Pepperoni to make it taste a bit better. Remember these all American Pizza Chains are only the Name not the Pizza. They buy all their supplies and stock in Korea. There is one and only one place that has the absolute best pizza in the country. Truly American, Truly 100% real ingredients imported from USA and Australia. They are new and just opened by a completely sole American investor that brings the true ingredients from Tyson foods USA. That shop is called,” Pizza Pro’s” formerly Pizza & Gyros. Their Pizza took off so fast that they cancelled their Gyros to lessen the workload and focus just on Pizza. They are going to branch all over Korea. They are the only Pizza joint that sells individual pizza slices. You can find them in Songtan Korea near the Osan Airbase. And get this. They are the Cheapest and the Largest Pizza’s out of all the Pizza joints mentioned here. Talk about competition. There is none, it’s just a lack of marketing and getting this small shop public. It’s happening now. Remember you heard it here first and you know what…You won’t find any nasty CORN on their Pizza. They truly are the Pizza Pro’s.

  5. Oh and I forgot to mention. Pizza Pro’s is made for ANYONE with an appetite, whether man or women, monkey or Camel jock it doesn’t matter. You won’t find any flowers in there. In fact you will feel like your back home in the USA in a fast food joint. Only takes 15 minutes tops to make your pizza. You can select from a truly nice Professional Menu also imported from USA with TRUE translite interchangeable pictures and prices. Other than Pizza you can order: Cajun Fries, American Hot Wings 10 for $5 or W6000 won, Mozzarella sticks, Regular fries and even Traditional True American Meatball Subs sandwich with Provolone Cheese. What can I say?…..I’m just hungry now. Later….

  6. I went to Mr.Pizza and I will not go back. I find their slogan “Love For Women” offensive. The implication by ommission is that they hate
    men! What if it read “Love for “Christians” or Love for “Jews” or Love for “whites” or Love for “Russians”. In any other context this would not be acceptable. But in our misandric era it is ok to exclude men. I’ll take my business elsewhere. This franchise loves women so much let women be their only customers. Men should boycott Mr. Pizza.