Triangle Kimbap

Triangle Kimbap, or SamgaKimbap, is an easy first staple in a foreigner’s diet. Without our beloved pizza by the slice joints, we are forced to look elsewhere for a shot of carbs and protein. Enter Samga Kimbap.

Found at every mini-mart across the country, triangle kimbab is a rice triangle stuffed with cooked meat, tuna, kimchi, and a host of other tempting treats for around 700won, or roughly 70cents US. I’ve been a longtime connoisseur of the Tuna and Mayonnaise version.

Really, unless you don’t have access to a mini-mart, or are easily coned by smiling ajumas at supermarket kiosks, there is no reason to try and make these at home.

But being the latter I gleefully purchased my own Samga Kimbap kit, and here is how it turned out.

triangle kimbap 1
contents of the kit

triangle kimbap 2
seasoned rice on the left, tuna and mayo on the right

triangle kimbap 3
helpful step-by-step instructions

triangle kimbap 4
inside the triangle mold

triangle kimbap 5
the seaweed wrapping

triangle kimbap 6
the finished product

For the time and effort involved (and price of ingredients) I’ll be sticking with the bounty at my local family mart.

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